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reclaim the class room

be part of the bold. story



The building was a private school from back in the 1940's up to 2022. The school closed its doors in August 2022 and will be rebuild sometime second half of 2023. 

Instead the building being left to fate we decided to fully make use of the remaining 11 months and make it THE hub for creatives & doers in the wonderful city of Zurich.


We were bold. doing that and trust that we will not regret having taken the chance to transform this building even for the short time.


Our school consists of over 30 class rooms, ateliers, a gymnastic hall, a music room and even production kitchens. The building offers parking spaces and big sunny terraces for bbq, ping pong matches or just the "outdoor" office. Choose to be part of the unique story, get your office in our "bold." project and make the best out of an adventurous year.

The school is ours from 01.09.2022 until 31.07.2023 - and who knows how the story continues. 

Start: Infos zur Immobilie

The office you will match with

Start: Ausstattung

It's all about diversity part 1

So much space not only inside but also outside. Big schoolyard, backyard and terrace to be used 🌲🪴🌼

It's all about diversity part 2

Production kitchens, ateliers, garage box, office. We got it all!


It's all about diversity part 3

So many different offices attract so many different interesting people. Be one of them!


Make it easy

A comprehensive pricing for a bit more good vibes

CHF 15.-

month m²

Rent your space as is and get creative on your own.

Fixed rent until 31.07.2023

Former class rooms & more which immediately usable but not in a perfect cosmetic condition

(dowel holes, missing wallpaper. might need painting) 


CHF 29.-

month m²

Rent a renovated office in a great community with a fixed rent until 31.07.2023


Former class rooms & more immediately usable and in a great condition freshly painted & with own locks. 


Makes us an offer for the space you want to rent.


Our priority is a great community & paying the bills. Do you think you & your team are a great added value for the community?


Then be bold. and make us an offer!


Flexibility Package

Be bold. BUT...


...flexible as well. For all of you not ready or able to fully commit until 07.2023 we offer you various flexibility options at a surcharge:

  • Notice period of 3 month = 10%

  • Notice period of 2 month = 15%

  • Notice period of 1 month = 20%

Services & Partnerships

bold. with benefits

Extra cleanings of your office, furniture packages or grocery shopping, laundry services. We offer all the solutions you might need. We partner with companies able to add value to our communities everyday life.

Are you one of them as well? Partner up & contribute your services to the bold. community. 

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